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  • do, 27 juni 2019
  • 19:00 ‑ 22:00

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Maasboulevard 100, Rotterdam

Biobased, Food & Drink, Maatschappij

Club Imagine – Down to Earth

Stop worrying: you can’t become ‘ecological’. We are already ecological, with a thousand relationships of influence and interdependence we are knotted tightly into to the web of our environment. Where does the new ecology begin? Right beneath your feet, stupid.¬†As soon as we understand this, we are back on earth. That’s why the latest edition of Club Imagine sticks its toes deep into the soils that are being cultivated in BlueCity.

What to expect

  • In a route through BlueCity you will find inspiring stories that stimulate your overview and insight
  • On the way you’ll be able to meet other artists, entrepreneurs, activists and scientists
  • Inspiring practices from Rotterdam and from Europe to scale up this ecology of change
  • And all your senses will be addressed, especially in Club Imagine’s famous Bloesembar borrel

This marks the end of a season of work on the ‘rehearsal ground for earthlings’. Ecology, economy, new communities: everything intertwines in new and unforeseen ways. Fiction, radical imagination and play are crucial to finding our way into the new ecological reality, to understand that we are already ecological. Systemic criticism requires systemic thinking. A new world cannot arise out of activism and imagination alone. Ecology, economy, new communities: everything must integrate.

In BlueCity, this integration is done along the lines of the circular economy. With the Club Imagine
programme, we link up with a number of special stories that also place ecology, economy and communities in a new web of interdependencies.

Dirk Sijmons

Dirk Sijmons is a public thinker working from the perspective of the landscape design. He will sketch a map with coordinates of the Anthropocene. How does our image of ourselves as human beings relate to our image of the earth as a living system? If we have an idea about this, where can we land in the Anthropocene?

Sigrid Bosmans

Sigrid Bosmans comes from Mechelen with the manifestation “The Ground of Things”. In a collaboration between theatre and city museum in Mechelen, this manifestation invites a citywide dialogue about ‘our common future on a shared piece of land’. Every inhabitant of Mechelen is assigned 1m2 of land, and then conversation, dialogue and negotiation begin: what makes Mechelen better per square metre?

Entrepreneurs and craftsmen from BlueCity

Entrepreneurs and craftsmen from BlueCity will take you on a journey through their ideas and
businesses, and tell you how BlueCity’s ecosystem works as a nursery and the domes of Tropicana as a breeding ground.


As with every edition, the programme concludes with the Bloesembar, provoking your senses to take get down to earth even better.

The Club Imagine programme of this edition will also serve as a springboard for a Summerlab organised by Theater Rotterdam for a group of European theatre makers from the Imagine2020 network. On the Eiland van Brienenoord they will work three days with the theme ‘routines and transitions’. On Sunday afternoon 30 June 15.00 they present their work, and we raise a last glass because we landed with Club Imagine.

Entry is FREE. But please let us know that you’re coming by getting a FREE TICKET.