The Living University: how can YOU contribute to the Blue Economy?


The sole purpose of BlueCity is to accelerate the transition to the blue, circular economy. During The Living University we welcome entrepreneurs and front runners from all over the world, who are already head down in the Blue Economy. Gunter Pauli (author of The Blue Economy 2.0 & Founder of ZERI) invites his friends to join him in this annual cross-road to gather energy by exchanging ideas, tools and insights in order to break off and continue our own paths of changing the economy.

Do you want to contribute to the blue economy? You are more than welcome to join us during The Living University an/or the various events that will take place during this week.

What is The Living University?

The Living University is the annual cross-road on which we gather energy by exchanging ideas, tools and insights in order to break off and continue our own paths of changing the economy. It’s a week long get together of front-runners working on, implementing or seeking to implement an initiative for the common good. 

Differences between the economies: linear, circular or blue?

Now before we continue: what exactly is the Blue Economy? The Blue Economy is a new economic system, based on the principles of nature. This system will replace the linear economy we’re living in right now, in which we take natural resources, make them into products we use and than discard of them. This linear system is failing: on the one end we’re lacking natural resources, on the other end we produce way too much waste.

The Blue Economy is building at a world without waste, because it regards waste as a valuable resource. This resonates with Circular Economy as well – but the Blue Economy takes it a step further. Entrepreneurs in the Blue Economy work with principles of nature:

  • • they work with local products and systems found on site,
  • • they believe in cooperation instead of competition and,
  • • they create endless circles of value,
  • • they do not only link networks, they also lays these networks over each other, thus creating an interwoven and unbreakable ecosystem

The goal: to continually innovate, create jobs and build social capital without exhausting the environment.

>> read the Blue Economy principles

How do you contribute to the Blue Bconomy?

The purpose of Living university is to collectively devote time and attention to (re)aligning with the essence of the Blue Economy and connect with whom this concept resonates.

The success of the The Living University, and therefore of the Blue Economy, is first and foremost based on the people joining in. The frontrunners who come together during The Living University all share the same believes. Because of the various international entrepreneurs and business cases they can learn from each other while also share their ideas, speak about the different difficulties they may encounter and socialize with those that do.

You can contribute to the Living University on different moments and different levels. These are the events at which you can join us and the front runners:

– The Blue Economy Night

On the 23th of October, during the Blue Economy Night, the stage will be given to the frontrunners in the global Blue Economy. An evening led by Gunter Pauli, the founding father of this revolutionary new way to look at the economy. Pauli invites members of the global Blue Economy to share their stories and updates us on the current state of his vision. Delivering a unique evening about the Blue Economy. A must go for all people interested in the circular economy, sustainability or just doing business in a highly innovative way. Come and get inspired by those that do!

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– Circular Rotterdam: Venture Cafe

We are welcoming innovative start-ups, corporate professionals, researchers and civil servants to accelerate both their own circularity ambitions and the cities movement towards a blue, circular economy. Join in and walk away with new insight, ideas, inspiration, connections and opportunities.

>> click here for more information, the program and tickets. Free entrance!

– Dinner Jams

A night of jamming with minds, ambitions and passions as instruments. On Tuesday (24th) and Wednesday (25th) a few speakers, catalysts and practitioners will set the stage with enticing angles on Blue Economy and its implementation. After this we eat good food and jam out! Basic outline: kick-ass key-notes, intimate sparring and open space idea generation.

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– Deep Dives

Opportunity for 25 people (max.) to join the Living University for half a day. These are ‘hands-on’ interactive morning sessions, collectively shaped by the attendees. Focus: zooming in on cases and collaboration whilst exploring participants’ ambitions. Goal: eliminating challenges and thresholds. Join in to harvest applicable knowledge on the Blue Economy from front runners. And many more!

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– The Living University

The Living University is the week long cohort and the growing, beating heart of the Blue Economy community. Its purpose is to collectively devote time and attention to (re)aligning with the essence of the Blue Economy and connect with whom this concept resonates. Together we will combine the ingredients, opportunities, tools, space, ideas and most importantly people, to create a truly inspiring learning experience. As a participant you will be actively invited to shape the Living University. We will let it grow and develop, building on the needs and energy within the group.

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See you at The Living University or one of its events?

As you can see, we’ve got something planned for everyone! Still in doubt?

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