Flex desks and office spaces in the circular economy hub of Rotterdam

The transition towards a circular economy requires collaboration- and now is the time to establish that. According to the government-wide program “Netherlands Circular in 2050”, the Netherlands will have a sustainable, fully circular economy by 2050. In Rotterdam, the aim is to reach this goal as early as 2030 – and BlueCity is the place where this is fulfilled.

Since one does not achieve this circular ambition on its own, we want to facilitate a space where entrepreneurs can come together, co-create and maximise opportunities. BlueCity offers flex desks and office spaces for circular entrepreneurs who want to grow – from intention to impact. Check out the possibilities and join our ecosystem!

About BlueCity

Situated in a former subtropical swimming oasis, BlueCity is an international icon of circular economy, national platform for circular entrepreneurs and local accelerator that empowers both entrepreneurs and citizens. Here, where circular pioneers gather and form a dynamic community, entrepreneurship is thriving and attracting visitors from all over the world. This increases your visibility and allows you to meet key players from the sector and potential customers in an accessible way.

In BlueCity Lab you can experiment and make prototypes. In this former swimming pool, we create testing grounds for prototyping. You can make use of various spaces to host guests for events, meetings and presentations.

The substantive programming we have in BlueCity keeps you up to date with the latest developments. The establishment of the ifund foundation provides easy access to feedback and a (knowledge) network of investors.

Working in our ecosystem will help you increase your impact, grow your business and accelerate the overall transition to the circular economy.

What’s in it for you

BlueCity is the place to be for entrepreneurs who want to contribute to creating a more sustainable economy. We offer you

A circularly renovated building with an open structure: the unique location brings the circular economy to life and makes it conceivable for (potential) customers. The open structure is beneficial for the creation of synergies and interactions.

BlueCity Lab: designed for the development of materials of the future with a special space for bacteria, algae and a makerspace with 3d printers, CNC milling cutters and laser cutters. Here you can develop the solutions for your product and meet inspiring biotechnologists and designers.

Collaboration with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: BlueCity offers students the opportunity to work on practical cases and prepares them for the labor market. Together we train the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

BlueCity guided tours: companies from all over the world visit our building, which therefore also has a showroom function; you can show your new concept / product to a wide group of visitors and thus gain new insights. Pre-COVID19: more than 17,000 visitors per year.

Programming on sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship: develop your skills and find tools to work smarter (together). Our stage is the place for a public debate in which you can participate – and you can take a seat yourself.

Impact investors: the establishment of the ifund foundation provides easy access to valuable feedback and a (knowledge) network of investors interested in the circular economy.

The possibilities:

Super Flex Desk €100,- per month


  • • get access to various working spots in the building for one day a week
  • • super fast wfi
  • • sustainable climate and energy facilities
  • • discount on BlueCity events


(Flex) workspace €185,- per month


  • • get access to various working spots in the building for five days a week, or
  • • get your own desk in a shared office space from €215,- per month.
  • • super fast wifi
  • • sustainable climate and energy facilities
  • • discount on BlueCity events
  • • access to and use of all meeting rooms (fair use policy)


Office unit, from €260,- per month


  • • your own office unit per 10 m2
  • • wired high-speed internet connection
  • • discount on BlueCity events
  • • access to and use of all meeting rooms (fair use policy)


Production space, from €90,- per m2


  • • your own space for production, experimentation and prototyping.
  • • no daylight
  • • loading and unloading options
  • • extraction systems and power flow are possible at additional costs
  • • wifi (wired internet is possible)
  • • discount on BlueCity events
  • • access to and use of all meeting rooms (fair use policy)


FoodHub, from €705,- per month


  • • 100% HACCP-proof
  • • equipped with walk-in freezer and coolers
  • • lay out can be changed according to your own wishes
  • • located directly next to the BlueCity Lab, so in connection with the community of bioneers
  • • discount on BlueCity events
  • • access to and use of all meeting rooms (fair use policy)


BlueCity Lab, from €175,- per month

BlueCity Lab works with subscription forms, which provide access to dry lab (for working with soft materials) and wet lab (for working with biological material, algae, enzymes, etc.)

  • • basic subscription (- access to wetlab & drylab, use of all devices including lockers.
  • • daily access without subscription
  • • monthly access without subscription
  • • discount on BlueCity events

Check out the website of BlueCity Lab for more information.


“The building brings the circular economy to life and makes it imaginable for our customers. We only need a quarter of our explanation compared to our previous locations. ”

– Jan Jongert, Superuse Studios

“Guided tours around the building are a unique feature of BlueCity. Interesting parties, often with an important share in the circular economy, literally come to visit you. Thanks to these tours, the building is not only a workspace, but also a showroom for your product. ”

– Casper van der Meer, BetterFutureFactory

“When I worked in other multi-tenant buildings it sure was fun, but no new collaborations derived from it. In BlueCity we already made the first contacts when unpacking the moving boxes, and not much later the first cooperation started. An eye opener! ”

– Frans Taminiau, Masters That Matter

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