About BlueCity

This is BlueCity.
This is the pool of possibilities.
A playground for circular business.
Where brains, guts, vision and fun go together.

This is the place to be,
for workspaces, events, meetings,
coffee, cocktails and radical disruption.

This is where we observe nature and create endless circles of value.
We learn from nature. In nature there is no waste.
Output for one is input for the other.

This is where we redefine economy.
With lectures, co-creation, experiments and hack parties.
We inspire, incubate, invent and invest for the better.

This is where startups create a new tide,
and where corporates can catch the new waves.
We integrate what’s working; skip what’s not. We go with the flow.

This is where we realize a new paradise.
So jump in, feel free and blue your thing.
We’re all part of something big!

(Want more? Our English website will be up as soon as possible, promised.)