Enroll in BlueCity Circular Challenge 2018 (EN)

The BlueCity Circular Challenge 2018 will start this May. During the challenge 16 students and young professionals will work with each other to transform a waste stream of one of the four participating companies into a profitable product.

The final presentation of the different teams consists of a mock-up and detailed business case. The presentation should prove that the shown products could be produced and sold within a year. The participating teams are intensively coached by BlueCity and our partners. There is support and backup from renowned designers, entrepreneurs, artists, architects and business developers. The most promising teams will get the chance to develop their final product into a real startup. The winning team will also receive a financial investment to get started.
Are you ready to invest at least 8 hours a week for six consecutive weeks into the most specific circular project around? Join the BlueCity Circular Challenge 2018!

The BlueCity Circular Challenge:

1. Links young high potentials tot the circular economy;
2. Produces creative, out of the box applications of waste streams for the participating companies;
3. Shows the participating companies a pool of talented young professionals;
4. Creates new circular startups;
5. Gains a lot of free publicity for the companies and the participants;
6. Has a history of producing ideas of such a high standard that they are also shown at the Dutch Design Week and International Water Week.

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Eager to see which companies are participating?

Which companies will introduce a residual flow that is ‘worthless’ to them? More information about the participating companies and residual streams will soon be on our blog.

Curious about the solutions?


Winnaar Circular Challenge 2017 ‘BlueRoof’

During the festive final in june 2018, the teams will present their innovative solutions, after which a grand jury will choose a winner after careful consideration. After that it is obviously time for a party!

What is the BlueCity Circular Challenge?

In the middle of Rotterdam, the icon of the new Rotterdam economy will emerge: BlueCity. In the former swimming pool Tropicana, the best ideas about the circular economy get all the space needed. BlueCity thus becomes the Rotterdam landmark of the new economy.
The BlueCity Circular Challenge is a competition between teams of students and young professionals to come up with solutions for specific circular issues that Rotterdam organizations have. All cases are related to residual flows from the organizations themselves. The beautiful task of the teams is to convert these residual flows into a circular, economically viable and scalable product.
We ask the participating companies to present their residual flow at the kickoff and to be present at the final. We expect students to spend at least two days a week on the BlueCity Circular Challenge, of which one day will take place on Saturday. One team of four participants will work for each case.
The winner of the BlueCity Circular Challenge will receive office space and guidance for 6 months to further develop the idea in BlueCity.

Why BlueCity Circular Challenge?

Through the Challenge we ensure an influx of fresh, up-and-coming talents in Circular Rotterdam, who then find their place as a starting entrepreneur or at one of the participating companies. In this way we involve talents in the circular economy, we provide innovative solutions and we build a rich and varied circular network in Rotterdam.

How does the BlueCity Circular Challenge work?

Teams of students and starters work together on solutions for circular issues of Rotterdam companies in a short but intensive six-week process. In addition to a business case, a tangible visualization is made of these solutions that will be shown during the closing public event, the BlueCity Circular Night. After the challenge, the best solutions will be further developed in customized projects, for example as a start-up or as part of the participating company. During and after the project, we work together with experts on start-up hubs, business development, the circular economy, the makers’ movement, and science.


Specifically: the process

During an intensive six-week process (May – June 2018), the teams develop a solution for their case. This solution includes a tangible visualization – a physical non-working imagination – and a detailed business case. Naturally, the teams receive extensive guidance: there is help from renowned designers, business strategists and circular thinkers and doers. The trajectory looks like this:

1. Kickoff  May 14th
During the kick-off, the participants get to know each other. The companies also present their case and the teams can ask any questions they have. They also receive a short master class of do’s and don’ts of a good business.
2. Solutions May 24th
After two weeks, the teams present their solution directions. During intensive sessions with the companies, these directions are refined on the spot.
3. Workshops June 4th
After three weeks it is workshop day. Experts (entrepreneurs, bankers, designers, etc.) give workshops on how to construct a business plan and a tangible visualization. There is also plenty of room for the teams to get started with the experts.
4. Final check June 15th

After five weeks there is a last moment to check the solutions with the organizations and the experts.
5. BlueCity Circular Night June 22nd
After six weeks, it is time for BlueCity Circular Night, the final. The teams present their solutions, business cases and tangible visualizations to the jury and the public. The jury will choose a winner after careful consideration.

After the final, the BlueCity Circular Challenge is not over yet. In a follow-up process, we guide the most successful teams together with the partners. The result of this can be a start-up within BlueCity. A unique opportunity for the participants to get a flying start, and for the companies to turn their waste stream into a valuable product.

Are you a student or young professional and ready for a challenge? Sign up now via this form. Working as a company on the Circular Challenge? Mail: rhea@bluecity.nl