Dieper ingaan op de blauwe en circulaire economie – in een omgeving die daar helemaal van in het teken staat? Tijdens de Circular Economy Masterclasses BlueCity die we samen met o.a. Metabolic en Superuse Studios organiseren, krijgen jouw medewerkers een beter begrip van de circulaire economie en de kansen daarin. Daarmee verhoog je niet alleen de impact van je event, maar ook de bewustwording van je bezoekers.

Metabolic is een consultancy bureau dat systeemdenken gebruikt om wereldwijde duurzaamheid challenges op een innovatieve manier te tackelen. Superuse Studios is een architectenbureau dat gebruik maakt van de contextuele mogelijkheden. Beide partijen denken en werken niet vanuit lineairiteit, maar in een continue cyclus van recreatie, gebruik en hergebruik. Samen met o.a. Metabolic en Superuse Studios ontwikkelden we zes verschillende masterclasses.

6 Circular Economy Masterclasses

BlueCity programmering

Van circular cities tot het aanpakken van de wereldwijde voedselketen, en van het begrijpen van de nieuwe economie tot het onderzoeken van de reststromen van jullie eigen bedrijf – deze zes masterclasses geven jouw werknemers de kennis en technieken om de transitie naar een duurzamere toekomst te versnellen.

Circular Masterclass 1: Understanding systems thinking

Creating positive change in the world can be difficult. Systems thinking helps us better understand the underlying causes of complex challenges, and, ultimately, overcome them.

In this masterclass you’ll learn how to use systems thinking to understand how our
global economy operates and how to best transform the status quo. Our approach uses data science and systems modeling to identify the dynamics between complex
interactions in a system, such as a supply chain or an economic sector and provide insights about the root causes of key impacts.

What you leave with:
• A clear understanding of what systems are and how their behavior arises.
• An overview of the tools and approaches that can be used for mapping and analyzing systems to identify strategies for transformation.
• Concrete tips on the most effective ways to create change in systems, using examples relevant to your organization.

Circular Masterclass 2: Designing The Circular Cities of the future

While cities occupy only 3% of the Earth’s surface area, they house more than half of the world’s population, consume over 75% of the global resources and are responsible for up to 80% of greenhouse emissions.

In this Masterclass, geared towards international city officials, urban planners and utility providers, this Masterclass takes participants through the ins-and-outs of circular cities, we provide a crash course on the principles and theory of urban metabolisms and circular city development.

What you leave with:
• Insider information of the common pitfalls, benefits, and barriers to transitioning cities to perform at high circularity
• A clear understanding of the nuances of local stakeholder management necessary for making progress on a local circular economy.
• Reliable strategies to identify low-hanging fruit and design pilots that educate, build support, and accelerate the transition.

Circular Masterclass 3: Building sustainable food systems

Unsustainable agricultural practices and their impact on the environment are one of the main global drivers of climate change, biodiversity loss, and future food insecurity.

This Masterclass is relevant for a range of individuals and organizations. We’ll take you on a journey through the food system and help you apply the lessons we’ve gained from this global perspective to the goals of your organization. We’ll help you understand the best role you can play, from a systems perspective, to generate change.

What you leave with:
• Systemic understanding of the global challenges and impacts of the food system.
• Concrete interventions that actually make a difference when implemented.
• Inspiration from alternative food systems that cut through the hype.

Circular Masterclass 4: Communicating your purpose & delivering positive impact

Want to make a difference in the world? Find out how powerful communications can help build your organization and scale up your impact. In this masterclass you will learn how to build a dynamic communications approach on any budget.

What you leave with:
• A clear understanding of how to take your communications to the next level, whether you’re a sole trader, SME or part of a larger organization.
• Knowledge of the essential building blocks of a successful communications campaign.
• Concrete tips for refining your messaging, defining your brand, influencing consumer and stakeholder attitudes, producing stand-out content and working with the media

Circular Masterclass 5: Applying the Circular Economy

Over the last few years, the term ‘circular economy’ has gained immense popularity among both businesses and governments. But what is the real value of the circular economy for your organization, and which pathways towards it hold the most promise?
In this Masterclass, you will learn the details of a true circular economy, its opportunities, its barriers, and its common misconceptions.

What you leave with:
• A clear understanding of the unique value the circular economy holds for your business.
• Knowledge of the main impact areas within the sector or industry in which you’re operating.
• Concrete tips for communicating the value of circular thinking internally, as well as how to make small but meaningful steps.

Circular Masterclass 6: Value systems game

The Value System Game is a card game that gives you quick insights into the system of your circular (or not yet so circular) project or business. Which processes produce waste flows? How can these be turned into high quality resources? Where in the chain can smart connections be established and therefore add value? With this game you will see where the bottlenecks are in your project, but also where you can make impact. During this masterclass we will use the participant’s business as a case study.

Interesse in een Circular Masterclass voor jou bedrijf?

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