Looking to brush up on your knowledge? Could you do with some entertainment? Listen to our podcasts.

Looking to brush up on your knowledge? Could you do with some entertainment? Listen to our podcasts.

We delve deeper into several topics relating to the circular economy, to inform and inspire you and get you started, with some practical levers. You’ll find a list of all the podcasts that BlueCity has created on this page. They are available on all the major podcast platforms, including Spotify.

The Growcast

In The Growcast, biodesigner Emma van der Leest and program maker Barbara Vos interview thirteen pioneering biodesigners (bioneers) from Rotterdam about what the future could look like if we design with nature as a guideline. In season 1, Emma and Barbara take you on a journey through the field of biodesign: if we were to shape the new economy together with nature, could it be the solution to the existing and future environmental problems? In season 2, they talk together with Louise Vet about what our city does with the waste it produces, where it sources its energy from and perhaps most importantly: what role does nature play?

Het Nieuwe Nassen

At the head of the table is Perry de Man (known for 24kitchen, DE TOKO and 'Een klootzak-proof cookbook'): self-taught chef who tackles everything to learn more. Together with fellow catering industry leaders Michael Schook from Héroine and Jord Coree from Rotonde, innovative food entrepreneurs such as Tim van Koolwijk from Alga.farm and with Pepijn Schmeink from Lokol and soil hero Jeroen Klompe. In this podcast we dive into the world of plant-based food, local products and waste-free cooking. Current trends that you as an entrepreneur can use to make your business future-proof. With Het Nieuwe Nassen, BlueCity puts sustainable and circular entrepreneurship on the map for catering and food retail entrepreneurs in Rotterdam. Not just bullshit and complex material, but a series of programs such as listening material with practical tools, meet-ups and challenges to get started right away.

Goed Geld Verdienen

In the ‘Goed Geld Verdienen’ podcast series, Daniël Poolen, a sustainability researcher at Rabobank, and Sabine Biesheuvel, the co-founder and CEO of BlueCity, demonstrate that sustainable entrepreneurship, ranging from financing to new business models, is possible, together with six leading business owners from Rotterdam and the surrounding region. How do they grow their company, without detriment to the environment and a livable climate? Together we seek to understand what’s needed to build a future-proof company. Welcome to the new way of doing business!

BlueCity Podcast Circular Building

In the first season of the BlueCity Podcast on the circular economy, climate journalist Ties Joosten takes a closer look at the construction industry. Every year, this industry utilizes approximately 60 tons of primary resources, or one third of the Dutch total. But it also produces 25 million tons of demolition waste each year.

How to Biodesign

In 2020, How to Biodesign was launched as a platform and online meet-up for and by bioneers (pioneers in biodesign). Every meet-up we discuss a new topic, live from the BlueCity Lab: building with natural materials such as wood and mycelium or the natural harvesting of solar energy. Various experts are on hand to delve deeper into these different topics. The topics change every month, but mainly relate to the combination of circularity, biotech and biochemistry.

BlueCity Radio

At a time when everyone is tired of looking at their screen, we invite you to take a walk and listen to BlueCity’s first radio show. In each episode, the BlueCity programme makers discuss a wide range of topics. They invite experts to map the issues and opportunities of the circular economy.