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  • do, 04 maart 2021
  • 19:00 ‑ 20:30

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Fiber Club: Hemp, the green gold

Biomass can contribute to solving some pressing societal questions, like how to solve the loss of biodiversity, the need for a different water and soil management for preventing CO2 emissions from peatlands and agricultural soil, and how to clean surface and sky water for our needs.  

Co-creating the valorization pyramids

Together with her partners, BlueCity Lab organizes four meetups about four fiber rich organisms, called Fiber Club. In these meetups, we co-create the valorization pyramid for this organism with the experts in and around the Netherlands in this field. Our focus lies on the fiber rich biomass that is not suitable for food or feedstock, yet we do not overlook . Unlocking existing knowledge about optimization of the use of materials and matter from the plants next to extracting fibers and sharing this knowledge with a wider group is our aim.

Hosted by: Nienke Binnendijk (BlueCity Lab) and Arie Hooimeijer (Paper Innovations)

Fiber Club – online meetup for fiber professionals (to be)

This meetup is organized for experts and starters who work or want to work on valorization of fibers and are looking for knowledge, network and inspiration. We hope to lower the threshold for starters in this field and to support experts that have been working on these topics for years.

This month’s speakers

Rene Sauveur

René Sauveur (director Pantanova) works on valorization of hemp for many years already. In 2012, he was one of the persons behind the Green Deal Natural Fibers in the Netherlands. As a former journalist, consultant and hemp entrepreneur, René shares with us some historical and current economical context to give all Fiber Club visitors the same basic information on fiber hemp. For those of you who are already curious: dive into the online archives of Pantanova – Rene’s company and yes, you are not alone who keeps on asking WHY hemp is not the major trend in all sectors yet. ;-).

Eduarda Bastian – Romanian Hemp

Before we made most of our fibers from plastics, hemp was one of the fundamental resources for ropes, textiles and oil.
Biodesigner Eduarda Bastan investigates the hemp industry in Romania at the moment and will share about her findings in the Fiber Club, specifically about the cultural-societal role the plant plays. Eduarda explains her findings live from Romania as she is still there finalizing her research.
Join in to learn from her rediscoveries of the potentials of the hemp industry. We hope to fuel the conversation on how the industry can get back in business in West-Europe too.

Practical information

When? 4 March, 7:00 – 8:30 pm CET

Where? ONLINE broadcasted from BlueCity Lab, Rotterdam 


Entrance is €6,50. Tickets are available here

Next up

Fiber Club: Flax Chain, from ground to grave on the 29th of April

Fiber Club: Cattail and reed from paludiculture on the 1st of July

Fiber Club: Elephant grass, fast & strong fibers on the 7th of October

About BlueCity Lab

With our focus shifting towards a circular economy, it is time to explore the endless possibilities of regenerative design. At BlueCity Lab, we believe that true circularity starts with regenerative design: designs that lead to a vibrant, biodiverse city in which ecological, social and economic values work together in a positive way. The former swimming pool Tropicana is a circular exemplary city in which entrepreneurs use residual flows from the city to create new products and services. In November 2020, BlueCity Lab opened the first circular built biolabs in the world for working with fungi, bacteria and biochemicals. The spaces are available for bioneers working on regenerative solutions.

Thanks to

The meetups are made possible thanks to the support of the creative industries fund NL/Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie. Thanks to the experts from these companies working on valorization of fibers for many years already.

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