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  • vr, 13 september 2019
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Bierstraat 123C, 3011 XA, Rotterdam

Ondernemerschap, Workshops

Startup Academy – September Edition

“Get your idea to revenue, in a weekend.” More info? See http://academy.startup.foundation/

Startup Academy is where you get hands on experience with modern entrepreneurship techniques.

During the program you’ll be part of a startup, or, “a temporary organisation searching for a repeatable and scalable business model” as Steve Blank might say. We’ll start with a problem to solve, and find out if the problem is worth solving with who we think the customers are. Once we know a solution is in demand, we can start work on what that solution should be.

Startup Academy covers Effectuation, Business Modelling, Customer Development and Lean Startup to ensure you’ve got the tools to deliver a viable business model at the end of the course. Our goal for you with this program is to ensure you’ve got hands on experience with the techniques that matter, and for you to earn cash with that knowledge. We’ve had dozens of teams that made real money, in only 48 hours of the program.

Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur

Startup Academy is for those that want hands on experience with modern entrepreneurship techniques because they understand that what they’ve been thaught at school/university isn’t up to par with todays fast changing environment. This can be entrepreneurs that want to get accelerator ready, or intrapreneurs that want to posess the skills to ensure successful innovation for their employer. It is also great for those that want to work at a startup, as they will get thaught the right skills and the program is set up to resemble the early days of a startup.

Preliminary Program

18:00 Welcome with food and beverages
19:00 Introduction Startup Academy
20:00 Challenge
21:00 Problem pitches and team formation
22:00 Progress Report workshop
23:00 Get out of the building and rest

09:00 Welcome with breakfast
09:45 Standup Progress Report Sprint 0
10:00 Customer Conversations workshop
11:00 Sprint 1: Get out of the building and listen
13:00 Progress Report Sprint 1 followed by Lunch
14:00 Test Design workshop
15:00 Sprint 2: Get out of the building and test
17:00 Progress Report Sprint 2, followed by Sprint 3
19:00 Progress Report Sprint 3, followed by dinner
20:00 Fishbowl with guest
21:00 Sprint 4: pivot or persevere?
23:00 Get out of the building and rest

10:00 Welcome with breakfast
10:45 Standup Progress Report
11:00 Sprint 5: Double down on signals
13:00 Lunch
17:00 Final Progress Reports
18:00 Drinks and winning team announced

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