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  • vr, 19 november 2021
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BlueCity, Rotterdam + Online


SYMBIOSIS Festival 2021

During the second edition of SYMBIOSIS Festival we translate what happens in BlueCity Lab into talks, expositions and podcasts. Join us to meet bioneers and share your knowledge, questions and needs with investors and potential partners.

More info will follow soon.

About SYMBIOSIS Festival

I think, I search, so I am: a human. As West-Europeans, we tend to look at nature as an external concept, while as homo sapiens, we are part of that same nature. Symbiosis means living together, and comes from the Greek: sym (together) and bios (to live). We stand at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution in which we cooperate with nature instead of work against it. With the annual SYMBIOSIS Festival, BlueCity Lab opens its doors for biodesigners, scientists, biotech companies, other biolabs, social organizations and curious visitors to share their experience, expertise and vision on how we shape collaborations with nature in the fourth industrial revolution.

About BlueCity Lab

BlueCity Lab is a biocircular playground for pioneers located in the heart of BlueCity. We support the transition to a biocircular economy by making work and lab space available for a growing group of pioneers. Bioniers give examples of a regenerative economy within the planetary boundaries by doing and experimenting.

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