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5 New Years Resolutions from BlueCity Lab

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Oh 2020, we love you already! In BlueCity Lab, the plans for a bio-revolutionary next decennium have been in the making for quite some time now. Here’s theĀ 5 New Years Resolution’s from BlueCity Lab.

5 New Years Resolutions from BlueCity LabBlueCity Lab: makerspace voor circulaire ondernemers

We are proud to share with you five dreams that are about to come true in the coming months.

#1. Opening of three wet labs

In September, we officially open three wet labs in addition to our current facilities. We will have three labs: one for working with fungi, a bacteria lab next to the cleanroom, and a space with fume hoods for light biochemical tests. Over the coming months, new bioneers can join us to start working on their prototype. Are you interested? Let’s meetup!

#2. Bioneers Festival: celebration-time!

In September 2020, we celebrate the opening of our new facilities with a grant party: Bioneers Festival. It takes place at the end of September. Expect a few days filled with speakers from our worldwide network, hands on workshops, tours and music.

#3. Educating more than 500 students on biodesign solutions

Thanks to our partnership with the University of Applied Science Rotterdam (Hogeschool Rotterdam), we share our mission and knowledge with students from all kind of disciplines. In 2020, we expect more than 500 students have worked in our Lab on biodesigned solutions.

#4 Starting a biological revolution

Our labs can host up to 30 bioneers. They use nature to design us out of waste, and we hope we can facilitate in moving from cute to scale in 2020 to get the biological revolution going.

#5 Hosting a monthly meetup #HowToBiodesign.

In January, our monthly meetup starts, which is called “How To Biodesign – lessons for bioneering the future”. The meetup is in English, and takes place in the BlueCity Lab. Register for our newsletter to ensure your spot in these meetups!