Instant crowdfunding: pitch your project at Boiling Rotterdam!

Boiling Rotterdam Instant crowdfunding

Boiling is an event that makes crowdfunding simpler and faster than ever . Good news for Rotterdam-based entrepreneurs and citymakers: this is the first time Boiling hits Rotterdam!  

Boiling Rotterdam is an instant crowdfunding platform where ideas, energy and knowledge come together. Do you have an inspiring idea and want to get started today rather than tomorrow? Or are you interested to hear the bright ideas that flow through our city? Crowdfunding has never been so easy and fast.

Boiling Rotterdam: how it works

At Boiling Pitch Night, four impatient creative city makers present their ideas. Visitors pay €10 (a 100% donation to the winning idea) this gives you entrance to the event, a nice boiling hot soup, and most importantly voting rights: All visitors get to vote on which idea is best and together they decide who wins and get’s to execute their idea quickly.

Partners of Boiling Rotterdam

Design Platform Rotterdam is one of the partners of Boiling Rotterdam. This platform stimulates design critique. On the 6th of December, DPfR doubles the entrance fee by giving out a design prize!

Boiling Rotterdam: Pitch Night in BlueCity

Boiling Rotterdam’s very first Pitch Night is hosted in BlueCity. On december 6th, all instant crowdfunders gather to watch four entrepeneurs pitch their project. By the end of the night, one of them will go home with the content of the cash register.

Boiling Rotterdam: pitch your project!

For this first edition, we are looking for makers and designers who want to present their idea and have a kickstart with their project. Do you want to get your hands on that money? We are now open for registration!

>> pitch your project

Please send us your pitch before the 11th of November.