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How to organize impactful collaborations – Keynote @SYMBIOSIS by Biobased Creations


Are you so damn brilliant you can create a circular economy all by yourself? Too often success or a result is dedicated to one person, while we all know real impact is created in interactions with others.

At SYMBIOSIS, creative collective Biobased Creations gives a keynote to help us understand how they collaborated with more than 100 partners from 20 disciplines for their circular and biobased creations. The impact of these installations is impressive: for three years now, they created three showcases combining bio and circular economy principles on material, conceptual and organizational level, on a scale that was never done before. The Growing Paviljon, The Exploded View and The Exploded View beyond building are beautiful practices of how we humans can combine forces. Yet how to organize such collaborative action, and what do’s and don’ts have they learnt for the rest of us for thriving collaborations?

Biobased Creations (Lucas De ManDiana Van Bokhoven and pascal leboucq) talks about how to organize impactful collaborations. Expect a great inspiring interaction on stage 🙂

This keynote of Biobased Creations takes place during SYMBIOSIS, the symposium where crosspollination happens! #BlueCity communities mixes with many other networks creating a thriving, healthy place for making plans, testing ideas and getting inspired on how to collaborate with nature.

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