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Constructing a circular biolab in Corona-times – update from BlueCity Lab


A week after Dutch lockdown due to COVID-19, BlueCity Lab started realizing three wetlabs and a breakout-room with riverview in the former changing rooms of Tropicana. Luckily, all workers were able to continue as planned. Thanks to the construction team of BlueCity, our partner BAM and VisGroep, our project lead Jamie and our architect SuperUse Studios, we’ll have three circular constructed wetlabs this Summer.

To give you a peak behind the scenes, we listed 8 choices we made to make strive towards a circular biolab.

> All windows and frames are harvested from other construction sites.

> The walls are made from reused trespa and wood.

> Our ceiling comes from an old office building.

> Most of the air treatment systems is reused.

> We create two windows by sawing away concrete from the wall. This concrete will be used as bench on the wharf between BlueCity and the river.

> The warm water from BlueCity’s brewery Vet & Lazy is used for heating our floor.

> The warmth of the fridges in the Foodlab will be used to heat our makerspace. 

> Our lab-interior comes from an old hospital.

Want to start bioneering too?

In July 2020, our labs are open and luckily we have bioneers that cannot wait to start using the Labs. Due to Corona, we don’t know exactly how many spots we still have left for you to work in a social distanced safe way. We are happy to say that our facilities will be ready for bioneers!