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VIRAL – IN A GOOD WAY – The How To Biodesign Meetups move online

A crisis is a change accelerator. We see the Corona (COVID-19) situation as a chance to jumpstart online knowledge sharing and make it more accessible than ever. With the meetup series How to Biodesign, BlueCity Lab provides coming months an online platform for and by bioneers (pioneers in biodesign).

Online knowledge sharing for and by bioneers

Together with William Myers (curator, author, and teacher in Biodesign), we will explore the opportunities from a systemic approach to raw material flows, making smart use of the latest knowledge and expertise about circular design, but also from biotechnology and biochemistry.

Our monthly meet-ups facilitate interaction between bioneers who are already working and those who want to get started with biodesign and biofabrication, provide a platform for sharing stories and experiences and actively share knowledge, know-how and insights from the meetups to a broader audience.

How to Biodesign #1 From Algae to Bioplastics – LIVE 17th of MARCH from 7.30 pm

In this broadcast you’ll get insights on algae and how three bioneers make materials with them

  • Erik Klarenbeek – Product designer and a ‘designer of the unusual’. With his partner, Maartje Dros, he looks for organic-based raw materials that, in the long run, can completely replace plastic. Klarenbeek will share the insights of his five-year research into local biopolymers based on algae from the North Sea.
  • Marjanne Cuypers –  As a biodesigner at BlueBooks, Marjanne researches the role of design in transitioning towards a more sustainable food system, with a focus on new types of food (production) in local urban food networks (new ‘food webs’). From December 2019, Marjanne is located in BlueCity Lab. She is currently working with Dutch Seaweed; extractions and fibres as a source for healthy food, bioplastic and fiberboard.
  • Nikki Spil – developed her love for nature and sustainability when she was born and raised in the North of Holland, surrounded by the beach and the ocean. During her study Sustainability and Biomimicry at Willem de Kooning Academy, she broadened her knowledge and know-how for the development of new products and design in this field. It was during her graduation that Nikki shifted her focus from creating new things to preserving what is already there. As the founder of Zeeboerderij she realized her biggest dream, together with her companion Sjoed Laarhoven. Nikki started the seaweed farm in the harbour of IJmuiden, developing a biofilter for water and creating raw materials at the same time.