Rond BlueCity

Exposition | SYMBIOSIS symposium 2022

Let’ Fix Coffee BC010Lowres-Jacqueline Fuijkschot-21

Enter the world of biosolutions and check out more than 15 projects by entrepreneurs, designers and scientists from BlueCity Lab and the BlueCity community. Expect collaborations with nature in all kinds of forms and shapes, in an exhibition in our former wild water canal in the swimming pool.

This exhibition is created to showcase various best-practices from BlueCity during SYMBIOSIS symposium. We decided to leave this expo open for our visitors to enjoy these examples when visiting BlueCity.

With Flip the City, BlueBlocks, Fabulous Fungi, Tomato leather, Hollands Wol Collectief, Van Hier, Waterweg, Vibers, Fruit Leather and The Growcast. Take a look at an impression of the exhibition down below:

Author: Nienke Binnendijk
Pictures: Jacqueline Fuijkscho