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Five things that are radically different about learning within the Blue Economy Living University


After two editions in respectably El Hierro and Las Gaviotas, the Living University returns. This coming week the Living University lands in Rotterdam – in BlueCity to be precise, along with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The Living University is a great way for the global network of radically sustainable entrepreneurs and do’ers within The Blue Economy. To share, talk, learn and do – and to meet and grow at the same time. Not only within the community, but also with people from outside. To achieve a perfect vibe in which to exchange, learn and do, the methods of Living University differ radically from a ‘normal’ University.

Listed below you’ll find the five radically different things about learning within the Blue Economy. And, more importantly: the power these differences yield in changing the society for good.

Five things that are radically different about The  Living University

1. Diversity

Within the Blue Economy there are entrepreneurs from different ages, backgrounds and professions. We believe the differences make us stronger in a way an ecosystem gets stronger with different animals and ways of living in it. For example the mono- and permaculture, both very different things, but stronger together. The very diverse entrepreneurs have one thing in common: the economy they practice in. The fact that those entrepreneurs believe in the same things, but have different life experiences and opinions makes them important in the learning process.

2. Open space

The Living University is an event for the people, by the people. With lots of opportunities, tools and space to influence the program and co-create inspired meetups that suits your goals, skills and interest together with this group of ambitious people. This leads to the next big difference: no program.

3. Autopoiesis

“We know that many people will be asking for a program. This is an acquired habit, but in our opinion contrary to the principles of autopoïesis (Varela and Maturana) or self- organising (Erich Jantsch),” according to Charles van der Haegen, CEO ZERI.

The term ‘autopoiesis’ refers to a system capable of reproducing and recreating itself. For example: an ecosystem is working on a autopoiesis base. It is capable of recreating and producing itself. We believe in this system and this is the whole reason we don’t have a real planning. We have a red thread, which during The Living University we live by, but there is also more space to really gain the information the participants want.

4. Learning by doing

During The Living University there’s a part open to learning, both to entrepreneurs already settling down in the Blue Economy as the entrepreneurs (and other human beings) not that deep into the material. We believe it is important to learn by doing, by making mistakes and by creating great successes for both yourself and your company. Actively participating may even be the only way to actually learn things.

Why? Because if you learn from a textbook you’ll only get to read about. But reading about someone else’s mistakes won’t teach you anything, unless you experience the mistake yourself. And believe us: you’ll make one!

5. Blue Economy: sharing a mindset

The red thread of this year’s gathering is: transformation by radically changing the rules. We believe it is possible to read a lot about the Blue Economy, resulting in quite some knowledge. But that won’t bring you any further. The Blue Economy is irregular by design – and learning about irregularity is impossible to learn at a regular university. So: to learn how to radically changing the rules can only happen if you’re surrounded by others with the same mind set.

Join us during The Living University

Would you like to be part of a transformation by radically change the rules yourself? During Living University there are various ways to get involved.

> check the BlueCity agenda and see how you can learn about and contribute to the Blue Economy

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Hope to see you next week!