FuckUp Nights Vol. VI – at BlueCity


Sick and tired of all those shiny success stories? Come with us, and embrace the FuckUps of Rotterdam! Entrepreneurship goes along with trial and error. Most successful entrepreneurs have seen the downside of changing the world – and now they want to share their story with us.

To enable them to do so, BlueCity has teamed up with its partners R’damse Nieuwe, SmartUp Network & DRIFT to get more fuckups to the spotlight instead. So for one night forget about all those (let’s be honest: very boring) success stories and celebrate fuckups!

What is FuckUp Nights?

The FuckUpNights format is simple:
– One night from 19:00 to 22:30
– Four speakers get exactly 8 minutes to present their mother of all fuckups
– One bar with ice cold beers (and other drinks, for non-beerlovers)

The presentation will be in English. Speakers are usually entrepreneurs, designers, managers or… every now and then we invite a regular person (did you know there are normal people with occassional fuckups too :-)).

FuckUp Nights Volume VI at BlueCity

fuckup nights Rotterdam at BlueCity

FuckUp Nights are hosted at different venues. Volume VI is hosted at BlueCity, the hub for circular entrepreneurs in Tropicana, the fromer tropical swimming pool. Tropicana is a fantastic fuckup in itself, so the perfect location for a night dedicated to failures 🙂

FuckUp Nights Vol. VI, Speakers

Kristi Beugelink, Makii

Kristi Beugeling is currently rocking the Rotterdam based Makii! She had it all before: a real Rotterdam entrepreneurial spirit, a kick-ass businessplan for Europe’s first 100% sustainable beer brewery, a location and an investor! What could possibly go wrong?! Well… more than you could imagine. Kristi will tell you all about it…

Paul Sharo, Man met Bril Koffie

Meet Paul Sharo, he is a real Dutch type: likes to go out for dinner, preferably drinks coffee or beer, occasionally rides a bike, loves his girlfriend (who kicks ass) and…he knows for a fact that Feyenoord will become landskampioen. He never finished high school, but that is not really a fuckup. His story is that he started a fire. No worries, not a fire-fire…Paul is the man behind Man met Bril Koffie, the Rotterdam based coffeebrand. So he burns coffee beans. But believe it or not, that is actually an illegal practice as he found out…

Jan Knikker, MVRDV

Meet Jan Knikker from MVRDV, a world leader in architectural and urban design. ‘Henk & Ingrid’ know MVRDV because of De Markthal & the stairs to the roof of Het Groothandelsgebouw. All pretty awesome stuff! But no worries, we’re not going to tell how briliant they are. This is FuckUp Nights and we are here to tell the tale of failure. Lucky for us, Jan leads the Business Development and Public Relations at MVRDV. And yes, business development inevitably means… failure.

Mystery guest

Not be be mysterious and all, but we do have one mystery speaker. We’ll reveal his or her name anytime now… be sure to follow FuckUp Nights on Facebook to stay in the loop!

How to get in?

Can’t wait to get a first hand look at all those fab failures?

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