Future Flight Movie Night biodesign x fashion: the recap


Wednesday August 30th. Passengers from all over Rotterdam were taking off to a new future. The first ever Future Flight Movie Night was entirely focussed around biodesign and fashion. Missed it? We are going to make you regret that in this recap! The captain of the evening – Emma van der Leest – and her co-captain Laura Luchtman told us all about biodesign and well – fashion. Will fashion and biodesign be the new dynamic duo the world is asking for?

The documentary of their choosing – The Next Black – explored the world of fashion from a different view than usual. Not only through biodesign – did you know you can turn a mushroom in a dress – but also technology infused clothing and last but not least clothing both great for you and the environment.

The Captain’s Dinner

ATTENTION PLEASE: your flight is departing at 8 pm! Here's your captain Emma van der Leest sharing a little something about tonight's keynote… Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the first ever #futureflightmovienight #bluecity010! Insider's tip: follow our Instastories for regular updates 🎥📹📽

Posted by Diana van Ewijk on Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

Especially for the passengers who wanted to have even more time with our lovely captains: we organised a real captain’s dinner. Our in-house chef Arabella made a proper eat-the-rainbow-dish. And especially for those who were still at home eating a not so rainbowy dish, Captain Emma welcomed us all to the flight on Instagram; check the movie above.

Let’s hear it from our captains


How often do you get the chance to meet two bio designers, hear them speak about their profession and ask questions at the end of the night? Not often, that’s for sure! Here, at the first Future Flight Movie Night ever, we had the opportunity to listen to Emma and her co-captain Laura. Both great speakers – especially about their field of expertise.

Stella McCartney


Just before we got to see the documentary ‘The Next Black’ Emma and Laura gave us and insight in their profession and the big names who are stepping into the world where bio design and fashion meet. Emma introduced us to Stella McCartney once again. Stella, who introduced the fashion to biodegradable shoes, is one of the big names in the fashion industry who is pioneering the biodesign. She isn’t one of the experts just yet, but Miss McCartney is well on her way.


Stella is not the only who made shoes who are naturally degrading shoes. Adidas – you know the sportswear giant – also made shoes who will just degrade if you let them be in the wild. Their sport shoes are made from spider silk. That is the future! Or will the future be clothes made from mushrooms or alges. Maybe we won’t even wear actual clothes anymore, maybe we will wear tiny computers all over our body, covering our skin. That – and more questions – are featured in the documentary Emma van der Leest thought we just had to see.

The Next Black

Coco Chanel once radically changed the fashion industry by introducing us to a little black dress. It became one of the most iconic fashion designs and Coco herself became a fashion icon. In the documentary ‘The Next Black’ the makers introduce the passengers of the Future Flight Movie Night to the next generation of fashion designers who might be the new icons. Their ideas? Not as usual as the mainstream designers. For example Studio XO. They operate at the intersection of science, technology, fashion and music and they make fashion out of – well everything really.

Suzanne Lee


And last but not least: Suzanne Lee. She is one of the first in the world to grow her own clothes. Our very own captain Emma actually interned in her studio. They made pieces of fabric in sweet green tea and they cooperate with a whole lot of bacteria. Suzanne and her bacteria plan to grow a dress in a vat of liquid.

Without our co-captain no flight

Laura Luchtman was the co-captain of this Future Flight Movie Nights. She uses biodesign to colour the fabrics she is using. For example: she uses living and moving bacteria to create patterns in her fabrics. She manipulates the bacteria by using the trembling of music wavelenghts. That way the bacteria – who ‘spit out’ little fractions of colour – naturally colour the fabrics by moving along to those wavelengths. Very inventive 🙂 The result? Beautifully coloured fabrics like the picture above!

Hey captain: I’ve got a question


Do you know the phrase: “Let’s make the questions fly around the room?” We do, and during the Future Flight Movie Nights you get make your question fly around the room – quite literally I might add. Our wonderful intern Caia made actual paper planes on which you can write your questions, thoughts or blue idea’s on the subject and our captains might answer it live! That’s one way to get your answer. No more boring white papers: here in BlueCity we have planes!

Now that you’ve heard all that…

…we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss the next Future Flight Movie Night! Nothing is quite sure yet, but we are happy to give the date already. On November 15th you are more than welcome to go on another flight with us!

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