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Futureproof Packaging – recap How To Biodesign #3

How To Biodesign – 3 Futureproof Packaging

Our conversation on futureproof packaging during the third How to Biodesign meetup was insightful for many reasons. Ross Polk joined from the plant where his company Full Cycle produces PHA like material using organic waste as a resource. He toured us around and explained why they don’t use GM bacteria (the non-GM are much sturdier and stronger..). Lori Goff, CVO of Outlander Materials elaborated on her vision to create UnPlastics production facilities next to all bioreactors in the world to create harmless biodegradable packaging solution for the many. Margot Vandevoort explained  how she needs a packaging to keep the vegan cheeses of Willicroft fresh, and how she struggles with finding the “future proof” solution. Thanks to visual artist Herman Weeda for making the drawing of our conversation.

This month’s speakers

Lori Goff – founder of Outlander Materials, created UnPlastic, the plasticfree wrapper.

Edible plastic? BlueCitizen Lori Goff from Outlander Materials transforms the waste stream of beer brewer VET & LAZY into ‘UnPlastic’; an alternative for single use plastics. UnPlastic is compostable, high in fiber and vegan friendly. It’s also completely edible and doesn’t harm nature- even fish can eat it.

The idea was born a few years ago when Lori received a beer brewing kit as a birthday gift. “I was brewing beer in my kitchen and started to take a more serious look at the amount of waste produced during the beer brewing process. And then I thought: there’s definitely cool stuff I can make out of this.” She is the CEO of Outlander Materials and shares her vision on how to produce this material for a wide range of applications.

Margot Vandevoort – head of Operations at Willicroft, a plantbased cheesemaker from Amsterdam

Margot was the first full-time employee at PBC other than Brad. Her master’s include business economics-corporate finance and environmental economics. Margot was keen to use this in-depth knowledge as a force for good rather than heading down the well-trodden corporate route and started as head of Operations at Willicroft. She’ll share how a futureproof product like plantbased cheese needs a packaging to keep it fresh – and what journey she went on to find the best available packaging for their product.

Ross Polk – Business Development at Full Cycle, a Bay Area biotech company producing compostable plastics from waste streams.

Full Cycle repurposes waste using patented bacteria-powered material alchemy to create non-toxic, compostable materials that transform how we create and consume products.
Prior to joining Full Cycle in 2016, Ross worked as a Sustainability Consultant at Waste Management and was Director of Sustainability for a National Park.  Ross is passionate about implementing pragmatic circular economy solutions and has developed responsible packaging for several global CPGs.  Ross lives in San Francisco, on the weekends you’ll find him biking up hawk hill and enjoying California’s wilderness.

How to Biodesign Meetup

Climate crisis asks for regenerative design. With the meetup series How to Biodesign, BlueCity Lab provides a platform for and by bioneers (pioneers in biodesign). Together with William Myers (curator, author, and teacher in Biodesign), we explore the opportunities from a systemic approach to raw material flows, making smart use of the latest knowledge and expertise about circular design, but also from biotechnology and biochemistry.

The monthly meet-ups facilitate interaction between bioneers who are already working and those who want to get started with biodesign and biofabrication, provide a platform for sharing stories and experiences and actively share knowledge, know-how and insights from the meetups to a broader audience.

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