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Local Energy: harvest and storage solutions – recap How To Biodesign #9

How To Biodesign – 9 (1)

On 9th of November 2020, we talked with three amazing frontrunners about how to harvest local energy from nature: Ermi van Oers (Nova Innova), Arie Magcheels van Ziel (Stichting Biomeiler) and Joost Brand (CTO of Summerheat) during How to Biodesign #9.

They shared how to use nature as a local resource for the energy transition. Joost explained the physics of storing heat in warm water, and addressed that there are more ways of storing energy: in lithium batteries, chemically (ammoniak or hydrogen and in water. Ermi and Arie talked about how varied the microbial activity is – their solution depends on this variety so it is important to take that into consideration when relying on it for energy. The conversation is summarized by visual consultant Herman Weeda.

This month’s speakers

Joost Brand – SummerHeat

Storing summer warmth as a heating solution in wintertime. Sounds too easy? Startup Summerheat developed affordable innovative technology for long term storage of hot water in a buffer tank under the house or garden. This allows for production of heat in favorable conditions, for instance when wind or solar energy is available, and used only when there is demand for heat. Depending on the size of the tank heat can be stored for a couple of days or even for a whole year. Heat storage plays an important role in the energy transition, and Summerheat contributes to the affordability of that transition, now and in the future.  Joost Brand, cofounder and CTO of Summerheat is one of our speakers next week at the 9th How To Biodesign meetup to share his vision and how to democratize the energytransition.

Arie Machgeels van Ziel – Stichting Biomeiler

Have you ever wondered what could be done with the warmth microbes generate in a compost pile? Arie Machgeels van Ziel from Stichting Biomeiler is one of our speakers in next weeks How To Biodesign #9: Local energy. He is an ecological architect and compost expert. He designs and builds houses, (play)gardens, compost heating systems, vermicompost bins and worm hotels. He believes in local potential and very context-specific solutions and shares his knowledge on how to harvest the warmth of compost piles as a structural heating solution.

Ermi van Oers – Nova Innova

The Nova Innova Foundation wants to shine a bright light on impactful applications which will accelerates the transition towards clean air, clean water and clean energy. The foundation was established to support research, design and development of sustainable innovations in which design, technology and nature come together. Living Light is one of their iconic produts: a plant generating electricity for lightning via a microbial fuel cell (soil microbes!).

How to Biodesign Meetup

Climate crisis asks for regenerative design. With the meetup series How to Biodesign, BlueCity Lab provides a platform for and by bioneers (pioneers in biodesign). Together with William Myers (curator, author, and teacher in Biodesign), we explore the opportunities from a systemic approach to raw material flows, making smart use of the latest knowledge and expertise about circular design, but also from biotechnology and biochemistry.

The monthly meet-ups facilitate interaction between bioneers who are already working and those who want to get started with biodesign and biofabrication, provide a platform for sharing stories and experiences and actively share knowledge, know-how and insights from the meetups to a broader audience.

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