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Marketspace | SYMBIOSIS symposium 2022

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The marketspace at SYMBIOSIS Symposium 2022 was aimed to help you with a variety of questions you might have as bioneer or as supporter of bioneership. Get involved with these ambassadors of collaborations with nature, and don’t hesitate to ask for their help!

  • The Circulair Loket is present to help you move through juridical thresholds (and to warn you for potential hazardous situations) regarding working with waste streams.
  • LabMakelaar helps you with finding top notch second hand lab equipment.
  • Greenport West-Holland shares the possibilities for bioneers to collaborate with horticultural entrepreneurs and organisations, unlocking wicked problems, design questions and showing some examples. Also, the Inhoudsstoffen Bibliotheek from the University of Leiden is ready to be further investigated or used by entrepreneurs or students.
  • The GENE COOP by Waag helps you store your genetic data in such a way the big biotech companies will never be able to make money with your genes, inviting you to think about what kind of relationship you have with the organism you work with.
  • BioCampus in Delft is thé hotspot for everything biotech in our region. Are you looking to scale up or to get help on a biotech-related research? They are looking for ways to collaborate with bioneers like you and have great community of researchers and entrepreneurs to support you.
  • HAN Biocentre is present to answer your questions regarding scaling your jampot experiments towards bigger bioreactors.
  • Learn how the Zoöp model works from the creators of the Zoöp, and get hands-on information on how to apply the principles in your own organisation or business.
  • Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel is looking for collaborations of all kinds. Lets combine forces to create a biodiverse circular economy!
  • ASN BANK is always looking for pioneers. Register at and share your biosolution with a community of motivated doers!

Author: Nienke Binnendijk
Pictures: Jacqueline Fuijkscho