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Start Up Academy: Gain hands on start up experience

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Are you ready to participate in the new economy? Have you had enough of working for someone else? Have you already started your own company or are you thinking you might be interested in a new field of expertise? Or are you a student waiting to get into the world and start something for yourself? If you see yourself in one of the situations above, you might be interested in Start Up Academy.

During the Start Up Academy you’ll gain hands on start-up experience from actual founders and experts. In just 48 hours you’ll be ready to take your business to the next level.

Modern day techniques



During the three day learning program, we’ll cover entrepreneurship techniques like Effectuation, Customer Development and Lean Startup. If you participate you’ll learn how to validate a business idea while also learning how to decrease market risk, during which you’ll make progress within your idea. Learn how to assess and adjust your idea before wasting your time, energy and savings on building something the community doesn’t want.

The new economy


You can’t built the new economy on your own. During the pitch sessions on Friday we enable you to pitch your idea to solve a problem through a startup. The most popular solutions will be chosen to actually develop during the program.

At the very end of the weekend – being Sunday night – we will wrap up with a final Progress Report where we share what we’ve learned from the past few days. There will be a simple award and certificates of participation for everyone that has completed the program.
For more information and the full program, please check the website here: click

I need to participate: where can I buy the tickets?

Awesome! The tickets are for sale on this link.


Not sure whether this would be something for you or not? Do contact Bart, he will answer all your questions. Send him an e-mail (via or call him directly at (06)- 14 61 56 23.