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The Living University | Blue Economy Night Recap


The first ever Blue Economy night in BlueCity gave us inspirational speeches and a lot of entrepreneurial expertise and insights, curated by the founding father of the Blue Economy: Gunter Pauli. Six front runners of the global Blue Economy community took the stage and shared their radically innovative business case, thus inspiring a crowd of 150+ people to transform the linear economic system into a circular one.

The Blue Economy Night is part of The Living University, the yearly get together of global entrepreneurs working on, implementing or seeking to implement an initiative for the common good. The Living University is an initiative by Gunter Pauli’s ZERI foundation. In this article you’ll find a short recap of The Blue Economy Night at BlueCity.

Gunter PauliBlue-Economy-Night-BlueCity-Gunter-Pauli

The evening was led by the founding father of the Blue Economy, Gunter Pauli. Pauli is the founder of ZERI, a global network of creative minds, seeking solutions to the ever increasing problems of the world. After sharing his own ideas and learnings, he invited some of these creative mind to the stage.

Ayumi | Dycle – Diaper CycleBlue-Economy-Night-BlueCity

The first entrepreneur to take the stage was Ayumi Matsuzaka, founder of Dycle – Diaper Cycle, a Berlin based company that uses used baby diapers to grow fruit trees on. A baby poops about 500 kg diaper waste in the first 2.5 years of its life. With that you can grow a hell of a lot of trees. Or like Pauli said: “A lot of parents plant a babytree when the baby is born. Why not plant a tree on the baby’s own poop?” The trees do not only give more oxygen to the world, but also healthy food. A double win it is!

Anne van Eijsden | On The RocksBlue-Economy-Night-BlueCity

Anne van Eijsden, founder of On The Rocks – books made out of rock. The Rockbook notebook is made from revolutionary stone paper. A product made from stone waste. In the production no trees, water or bleach are needed. Besides that, the production uses way less energy and has a lower CO2 footprint, than the production of normal pulp paper. That’s the reason why this awesome material is cradle to cradle certified and part of the Blue Economy philosophy.

What more makes the Rock book unique? The fact that it is waterproof, durable and incredibly soft to write on. Perfect for some time offline, to jot down your thoughts and take a moment of rest in this information-crowded world. The Rockbook will carry all of your stories, for generations to come. With the sale of the Rockbooks, On The Rocks supports reforestation projects in South Africa. That way, the Rockbook is not only better for the world during production, but also after.

Also: these rockbooks are indestructable! If you pour a glass of water on it – of coffee for that matter – it will just dry up and still be useable afterwards. A great characteristic for a book!

Javier MoralesBlue-Economy-Night-BlueCity

Secondly, Gunter Pauli introduced Javier Morales, from El Hierro, who played a big role in making this tiny Spanish island 100% energy self sufficient. Javier Morales, who is El Hierro’s councilman for sustainability, talked about organic bananas, El Hierros hydro-wind plant, solar thermal program and convincing every inhabitant to switch to e-cars right. Do you want to read more on how El Hierro became 100% energy self-sufficient? Read this article over at GreenBiz.

Joost Wouters | Inrada GroupBlue-Economy-Night-BlueCity

Joost Wouters (Inrada Group) develops clean, better and faster biogas with anaerobic digestion. He does this proces in cooperation with…. sea weeds! He and his team are on a journey to transform our hydrocarbon fuelled world into a biogas based economy. And with the technological inventions of Inrada Group every day this new possibility is becoming more of a reality. By combining industrial scale seaweed cultivation with high-rate biodigesters, he and his team are able to offer a competitive CO2-neutral alternative to natural and shale gas.

Wouter Veer | Stichting ifundBlue-Economy-Night-BlueCity

Last but not least Gunter welcomed Wouter Veer from Stichting ifund on the stage. Wouter Veer has already invested in multiple blue and/or sustainable company’s, BlueCity being one of them. He spoke about investing in sustainable companies: the pro’s, the cons, the risk and the rewards. Veer also kindly invited the audience to look at our economic system from the moon – and change it accordingly. Or, as he said: “When you stand on the moon and look at Earth, you don’t see money or bank accounts. You only see the effects of what we are doing on the planet.”

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As The Blue Economy Night sold out, you probably didn’t get the chance to meet Gunter Pauli and his friends. If you’re interested, please check out the video of our live stream. The first one you’ll find above, the others on the BlueCity Facebook.

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