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Upcycling concrete: a matter of value


How can we goal develop concrete waste (sludge) into an applicable, valuable product? Vis Group and BlueCity Lab join forces from May 2018 to the end of this year to develop a valuable product from the concrete waste (sludge) that is left after drilling holes in concrete. In addition to cement, sand, gravel and water, this sludge also has a small percentage of diamond matter from the saw blade.

Goal of this project? To find out how we can make an aesthetic product (a piece of jewelry for example) and an industrial product (like paper). Stay tuned or join the Circular Concrete Hackathon on June 15th.

Why make products from leftover concrete?

After drinking water, concrete is the most produced material in the world. Worldwide, fifteen billion tons of concrete per year is left as waste, than two tons per world citizen. In the production of cement – the binder in concrete – CO2 is released, accounting for 5% of global CO2 emissions.

Want to join this research?


Are you a student and into making, building, designing or product developing? Do you want to collaborate with experts to develop a valuable product that helps the Vis Group to apply their residual flow? Then join one of the researches:

  • • Can we make paper from concrete?
  • • Can we use this sludge as a foam in the building industry?
  • • How about turning this waste into jewellery?

Coming six months, this research is done together with students in the Lab.

>> join the Circular Concrete – Hackathon at BlueCity Lab

The first Circular Concrete Hackaton is organized on Friday June 15th. Come & join in!

Concrete – and BlueCity


In BlueCity, concrete is a waste stream that comes from the renovations and new openings cut by Vis Groep. The Vis Groep is a technical service provider and since last year one of the contractors that helps BlueCity with the transition of the old swimming pool towards a circular hub. VisGroep specializes in diamond drilling and sawing technology, fire resistant sealing, decontamination and removal.

Vis Groep is one of the frontrunners in construction in the field of sustainability. In addition, the Vis Groep is looking at the reuse of materials within their company. Each year they present a sustainability report in which the performances are made public. As the only party, they also have an ISO 14001 certificate and the CO2 certificate (Environment).

More information on the case of BlueCity’s circular concrete in cooperation with Vis Groep?
>> do read this article.  (Dutch only)