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What will BlueCity look like in 2050?


BlueCity aims to be a circular example city since we believe the circular economy holds important answers to the climate crisis we are facing. Yet for many people, it is hard to imagine what this implies. Even for someone who’s already working on the circular economy, it is hard to imagine how greener, more social and smarter cities look, feel and smell like in 30 years.


VR Artist Micah Westera and biodesigner from BlueCity Lab, Jamie Hornis are creating a VR installation that shows an artistic impression of a bio designed future. In the coming months, the BlueCity Lab is hosting three FutureTalks about the topics that Jamie and Micah would like to philosophise about with others to get input for their design process. The first topic is Human vs. Nature. As a recap of these talks, they will release 3 podcast in which Micah continues the conversation with an expert from the industry. Let them know if you would like to join the conversation by dropping a message via this form

  • Rotterdam &  Human v.s Nature – 20th of February 
  • Rotterdam & Infrastructure – 19th of March 
  • Rotterdam & the Future Climate – 23th of May 

A collaboration between VR-designer and a biodesigner

Jamie graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts last summer, and she was a former intern at BlueCity Lab. She wrote a thesis on regenerative designed cities, that would breathe again thanks to the use of microbes in these cities. The inhabitants of the places would return to natural solutions with the help of technology. Jamie presented this utopia at her graduation show next to the work Echoes by Micah Wester, a futuristic VR experience for discovering how minimal elements can be used to present an immersive world, and gives visitors of the experience a way to explore a world far from their own without travelling. Jamie started as a junior project manager at BlueCity Lab, and she teamed up with Micah to create an artistic interpretation of BlueCity in 2050.

Utopia vs dystopia

Utopia are oftentimes used to help us envision what our future will look like. The problem with our modern-day society is that the current futuristic visions are dystopian. Movies like Apocalypse Now, The Day After Tomorrow and Wall-e give us strong images of how the Earth might look like when we continue to exploit her resources in an exhausting way. This project attempts to create an artistic vision that would help fuel conversations about a more constructive future, to create an artistic impression showing us a way out the current climate crisis.

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We can do this project thanks to the support of the creative industries fund NL.