Circular Challenge 2018 (EN)

UPDATE: The BlueCity Circular Challenge 2018 has been completed. Read more about the winning team.

Imagine an economic system in which everything is worthwhile and nothing is worthless. In which we utilise what can be utilised. Again and again. With no raw material shortage and no waste surplus. With every ending a new beginning, endless like an ecosystem. A pipe dream? In BlueCity it’s already happening. How much longer will you wait?

The BlueCity Circular Challenge offers established companies, ambitious students and young professionals the chance to get acquainted with the circular economy of the future. By developing a product within six weeks, that proves that the term ‘waste’ can be consigned to the scrapheap. The participants will turn the worthless residual flows of participating companies into worthwhile products. The idea with the most potential will be developed into an independent start-up in BlueCity.

The BlueCity Circular Challenge starts on the 14th of May and takes 6 weeks. Participants in the challenge will become involved in start-ups and innovations that are full of potential, economically attractive and mediagenic. The challenge will be supervised by circular pioneers, designers and financial experts.

The final of the Challenge is on the 22th of June from 18.00 till 21.00 in BlueCity. The final is open for public! Sign up here for free.

For an impression of the challenge check this video!



Waste and you’ll disappear
The circular economy is like a natural ecosystem. Creativity, proximity and cooperation are rewarded. Moving with the times is equivalent to growing. Waste and you’ll disappear. You can see it in action in BlueCity, where all the businesses there have linked their residual flows. For example, the coffee grounds from Restaurants and Bars in Rotterdam are used as a substrate for the oyster mushrooms grown by rotterzwam. Spireaux uses the CO2 released during the process to produce spirulina. While the mycelium is used to develop packaging materials in the BlueCity Lab. And the mushrooms? You guessed it, they’re on the menu at the Restaurants and Bars of Rotterdam. A perfect circle! We also serve the mushrooms at our own events.

Winner Circular Challenge 2017 ‘BlueRoof’

Successful first edition
The participants in the first edition of the BlueCity Circular Challenge in 2017 were Stedin, UPP, Rotterdam City Council and the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Water Authority (HHSK). The BlueRoof team was declared the winner. BlueRoof created a substrate for green roofs made of so-called ‘screenings’, which is rubbish that is not supposed to be in the sewers but gets into them anyway. Every year, the people of Rotterdam flush more than 100,000 kilos of those materials down the toilet. BlueRoof is aiming to realise its first production plant this summer.

The BlueCity Circular Challenge 2018 starts on the 14th of May. Are you a student or young professional and ready for a challenge? Check more information for students and sign up now via this form.

Which residual flow are you contributing? Check more information for companies and mail to

Would you like to join the BlueCity Circular Challenge Night 2018? Download your invite here or sign up here!