Plastic Design Challenge

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However, there will be a new challenge in 2019. So don’t worry if you missed out on this one. Scroll down to fill out the form and be the first on our list when the new challenge opens!


Are you the future designer, business developer, artist or engineer that will come up with an actual solution for the ever-growing plastic waste issues of large organisations?

Dare to challenge yourself and give yourself the chance to join the ranks of our famous former BlueCity Circular Challenge participants! Those former participants are now proud owners of startups and are leading the way towards a circular economy. Join them and start by joining the Plastic Design Challenge!

You can, with every background, apply. From industrial design students to material experts, and from fashionista’s to business developers – we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to any problem. It’s all about motivation, we will help you with the necessary expertise. We will support you with design thinking, business development and contacts with lots of experts. You will work together in a team of creative thinkers, specialists, starters and students and eventually build a prototype and a business model for your solution. Use all your passion and it will be the kick off for your own circular future!

Participate in the Plastic Design Challenge

The challenge will start 26 november at BlueCity Rotterdam and will last until March 8, 2019. The challenge will take up 8-12 hours of your time each week.

For more information or enrollment: go here,  or call our participants guide Rik Winsemius on +31631688761 or fill out the form down below.

Join the Plastic Design Challenge