BlueCity Lab

BlueCity is an exemplary city for the circular economy where entrepreneurs exchange their residual flows, making waste a valuable raw material. Collaboration, thinking and getting your hands dirty is essential here. Very important to this process is BlueCity Lab.

BlueCity Lab is a biocircular playground for bioneers, located in the old changing rooms of the former tropical swimming pool Tropicana, and consists of a wet lab and a dry lab. Thanks to this unique combination, materials can be grown from the cell in the wet lab and then processed in the dry lab into an end product. For example, a wrapping material made from oyster mushroom mycelium, or a bag of kombucha leather made from bacteria and yeasts, colored with bacterial ink – all developed in BlueCity Lab.

BlueCity Lab supports the transition towards a biocircular economy by facilitating work & labspace for a growing community of bioneers. Bioneers establish examples for a regenerative economy within the planetary boundaries by doing and experimenting.

The facilities

Main Lab: 

This Wet-Lab is designed for our Bioneers where they can safely work with light chemical processes. There are plenty flexible working area. This space consist: an incubator wall, fume hoods, safety cabinets, general lab equipment like microscopes, scale stations, magnetic stirrers, and many more.

Fungi Lab:

The Fungi Lab is exclusively meant for experimenting and cultivation of non-pathogenic and non-sporulating fungi cultures. Available: an flow hood, autoclave, Incubators, microscopes and many more general lab equipment.

Bacteria Lab:

This Bacteria Lab is exclusively meant for experimenting and cultivation of non-pathogenic bacterial cultures. Available: an laminar flow hood, Incubators, microscopes and many more general lab equipment.

Washing Machine:

This clean room offers enough possibilities to safely clean reusable lab equipment. Available: an autoclave, a big sink, a medical dishwasher and a washing machine.


Our Dry-Lab is the space to realize circulair prototypes. There are plenty flexible working area for solo use or group work. We have basic wood and metal tools available for making prototypes. (like drills, hammers, sanders ect.)

Hack space:

In the hack space we offer a variety of smaller machines. Available: an laser cutter, 3D printers, embroidery machine, basic textile machines and an welding station.

Machine park:

We are currently working on the realization of a machine park including larger metal and woodworking machines. (Coming soon)

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