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BlueCity is an exemplary city for the circular economy in Rotterdam. Our mission is to speed up the transition from the linear to the circular economy. Here in BlueCity, entrepreneurs are pioneering and getting their hands dirty, building the circular future by turning waste into a valuable raw material. An essential part of BlueCity is our BlueCity Lab, which we opened in 2020. BlueCity Lab is a place where entrepreneurs can start the validation of a product or process which will contribute to the transition towards the circular economy. The lab is located in the old changing rooms of the former tropical swimming pool Tropicana, and consists of four spaces: the Fabrication Lab, Fungi Lab, Biochemistry lab and Microbiology Lab. BlueCity Lab supports the transition towards a circular economy by facilitating work- and labspace for a growing community of bioneers. Here, bioneers establish examples for a regenerative economy within the planetary boundaries by doing and experimenting. Fun fact: BlueCity Lab is the only circularly built lab worldwide!


Advantages of working in our BlueCity Lab

The BlueCity Lab helps you to grow your idea into a circular business. If you rent a space in the Lab, you’ll get access to the four lab spaces and all the equipment in the labs. Here you are free to experiment, test your ideas and work towards a prototype that’s ready for scale-up. In this process, you have access to the personal guidance from the lab directors, who will do everything in their (brain)power to make your experiments work and get you to the next level. Besides this, you’ll get access to the ecosystem network of BlueCity: the other bioneers working in the lab, the BlueCity organisation and the start-ups that have offices in the building. You’ll be part of a community of likeminded pioneers, all working towards the same goal: making the circular economy a reality. We as BlueCity are proud of our bioneers, so we’ll showcase your work and give you a platform on our website and social media. Moreover, the BlueCity Lab also offers you real-life exposure of your circular product or process in a very early stage: about 20,000 guests with an interest in the circular economy visit BlueCity every year for events or guided tours. We offer several possibilities to get a membership in BlueCity Lab, starting at a rate of €215 a month.

The facilities

The BlueCity Lab consist of four lab spaces:

Biochemistry Lab

This lab space is designed for our bioneers to safely work with light chemical processes. There are plenty of flexible working areas. This space consists of an incubator wall, fume hoods, safety cabinets, general lab equipment like microscopes, scale stations, magnetic stirrers, and many more tools. 

Fungi Lab

The Fungi Lab is exclusively meant for experimenting and cultivation of non-pathogenic and non-sporulating fungi cultures. A laminar flow hood, autoclave, an incubator, stirring plates, microscopes and much more general lab equipment is available.

Microbiology Lab

The Microbiology Lab is exclusively meant for experimenting and cultivation of non-pathogenic bacterial cultures. A laminar flow hood, an incubator, microscopes and more general lab equipment is available.

Fabrication Lab

Our Fabrication Lab is the space to create circular prototypes. There are plenty of flexible working areas for personal use or group work. We have basic woodworking and fabrication tools available for making prototypes (like drills, hammers, sanders, ect.). We also offer a variety of smaller machines, like a lasercutter, multiple 3D printers, a sewing machine, Arduino kits, basic textile tools and a soldering station. A variety of presses are also available for use, such as a book-, hydraulic and heat press. 

For more information about specific equipment, check out our inventory list. To find out all the possibilities for memberships and prices, you can find all information about the Memberships of the BlueCity Lab here.

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