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''We want to be able to use all knotweeds in the Netherlands''

Interview with Marit Scheulderman of Why Knot

Why Knot is a startup that originated from the BlueCity Circular Challenge and uses Japanese Knotweed for the development of circular interior products from the sheet material. The Japanese Knotweed is an exotic fast-growing plant that spreads quickly and can break up roads with its strong roots and cause problems for the railways. Despite years of control of the plant, its presence in the Netherlands is steadily growing. At this time, the plant is destroyed by combustion or processed into low-grade compost. Marit Scheulderman, founder of Why Knot, has a background as an industrial designer and wants to tackle the plant by using it as a high-quality raw material. Although she made comic books earlier in her career, she has always had an affinity for sustainability. “During my education, it quickly became a problem that I did not see sustainability emerging in the professional field.”