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Imagine an economic system in which everything is worthwhile and nothing is worthless. In which we utilise what can be utilised. Again and again. With no raw material shortage and no waste surplus. With every ending a new beginning, endless like an ecosystem. A pipe dream? In BlueCity it’s already happening. How much longer will you wait?

The BlueCity Circular Challenge offers you the chance to get acquainted with the circular economy of the future. By developing a product within six weeks that proves that the term ‘waste’ can be consigned to the scrapheap. Ambitious students and young professionals turn worthless residual flows from your business into a worthwhile product. We make sure that the best idea will be developed into an independent start-up in BlueCity. The challenge will be supervised by circular pioneers, designers and financial experts.

During the BlueCity Circular Challenge, you will come in contact with young high potentials. Together, you will be involved in start-ups and innovations that are full of potential, economically attractive and very mediagenic.

The Challenge kickoff is on 14 May and the final is on 22 June. Each participating company will invest 15,000 euros.

Which residual flow are you contributing? Mail to