Oyster Heaven

Oyster Heaven’s ambition is to catalyse the regeneration of decimated marine ecologies around the world. Oysters are a critical but missing ecosystem engineer for many marine environments all over the world. The North Sea used to be 20-30% covered in Oyster reefs. 150 years ago we finished eating them to virtual extinction. Oyster Heaven has developed a novel and unique set of tools that can be scaled to the size of the problem. The tools are focused around a low-cost, ubiquitous, biodegradable, climate friendly substrate that is biologically targeted to native oysters. This substrate is to replace the hard surface that baby free swimming oyster larvae need to settle on. They will drown in mud or sand, which is sadly almost all we have left in the North Sea.

Oyster Heaven also pursues a funding mechanism that avoids the need to search for academic or philanthropic money for new projects. Using payments for ecosystem services Oyster Heaven’s funding model allows one hectare of oyster reef to generate enough revenue to fund the next three hectares and then the next nine creating an exponentially scaling funding model for deployment. This represents a step change in the way that we can scale oyster reef regeneration. 

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