Urban Metal Resources

Urban Metal Resources is specialized in the sourcing, trading, marketing and distribution of non-ferrous metals on a world-wide basis, with particular focus on urban & secondary metals for the aluminium, copper, stainless, and precious metals industry. UMR is operated by a small team of highly qualified and passionate commodity professionals.

Our fundamental goal is to assist our clients in growing their business by utilizing our extensive experience in trading, marketing, finance, logistics, and risk. We operate as a partner that looks out for our clients’ key interests. UMR’s business model offers many years of experience in all facets of the physical supply chain. Our deep product and market expertise, together with our deal track record, allows us to be an open sparring partner for both producers and customers, creating value across the entire supply chain. With our refreshing approach we make a difference for our clients in specific niche markets built around circularity and sustainability.

We act as advisor, agent, principal, marketing partner or investment partner in bringing products from source to market.